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Choosing Self-Service Storage in Montgomery, AL

March 11, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage provides Self-Service Storage in Montgomery, Alabama. We have everything you need for your self-moving project. Located near Maxwell AFB.

What Is “Self-Service” Storage?

Self-Service Storage, aka “Self Storage”, is real property designed and used for the purpose of storage space.

Self-Storage Facilities rent storage space to their customers, granting them direct access to Storage Units for the placement and retrieval of their personal property.

Self-Moving Projects

If you are a Self-Mover and in need of a Self Storage Facility in Montgomery, the FIRST thing you need to do BEFORE you begin your moving and relocation efforts is spend some time researching your storage options.

Visit a couple of local Self Storage Facilities before you make a final decision. Remember, you’re planning on storing your own possessions in the facility and you want them to remain undamaged while being stored.

Finding the best Storage Solution for your specific needs is an extremely important step.

Self-Service Storage Options

Here is a checklist of Self Storage Services and Amenities that may be important to you:

  • Adequate Security Measures in-place for your valuables AND yourself when visiting the premises
  • Access to your Self-Storage Unit when it is convenient for you
  • A variety of Storage Unit sizes and configurations that enable you to choose the right size for your storage needs
  • Enclosed Storage Units with concealing walls so that nobody can see what’s inside – helping to protect your valuable items
  • Climate Controlled Storage that is adequate for storing upholstered items, office supplies or business records and documents
  • Storage Rental Options that will accommodate your future needs if you need to increase or decrease the space you rent
  • Storage Units that are tidy and well-maintained – this is a good indication that a Storage Building & Facility are run professionally and kept clean
  • Pest control measures taken by the Self Storage Facility can impact your stored possessions, be sure to ask what they are
  • Carefully read the “fine print” of the contract for the Self Storage Facility to avoid any hidden surprises
  • Adequately wide service roads and drive-up access for the removal vehicle you’ll be using to unload and retrieve your belongings

Maxwell Mini Storage is available to address all of your Self-Service Storage questions and concerns.

Contact Kathryn Fletcher, General Manager for Moving and Storage Services, for assistance.