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Climate Controlled or Normal Storage?

September 25, 2015

Climate Controlled Storage or Not? What do I need? Help!

Maxwell Mini Storage has optional Climate Controlled Storage in Montgomery, Alabama – IF you need it!

We’re located next to Maxwell AFB, AL (MXF) near the Day St entrance. We’re also a quick 5-minute drive from Interstate Highways I-65 & I-85.

Watch the video (or read the transcript) and be better prepared the next time you’re trying to decide whether you need Climate Controlled Storage to protect your valuables.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What the term “Climate Controlled” means
  • The difference between “Climate Controlled” storage and “normal” storage
  • The types of items suitable for a Climate Controlled Unit

You may find this information very useful before choosing to rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Montgomery, Alabama.

Video courtesy of Humboldt Storage and Moving ¹ (Duration: 1:30)

The Difference Between Climate Controlled Storage And Warehouse Storage

Begin transcipt

“Hi, it’s Dan here with Humboldt Storage and Moving.

With summer fast approaching, the questions are coming in fast and furious.

One question I always hear is ‘what’s the difference between normal storage and climate controlled storage and do I need it?‘.

This is one thing in the moving industry that drives me crazy!

The term climate controlled is really thrown around out there. Let me explain real quickly the differences to you.

Climate controlled storage is not needed for normal household good items. Climate control storage is:

  • Humidity Controlled
  • Temperature Controlled to the degree, and
  • Usually under high security

This sort of storage is really only relevant if you’re storing an art collection, antique furniture, wine storage, things of that nature. Items that are very, very sensitive.

Normal storage, what you would be looking for in a normal warehouse and for household goods, would just be that the Storage Facility is:

  • Heated, and
  • Air Circulated

Those are the two components really that are important for normal household goods.

So next time, when you hear the term climate controlled storage, do a little digging and figure out:

  1. Is it true climate control?
  2. Do you actually need it for your goods?

That’s a great tip when you’re storing your items.”

End transcript

¹ Humboldt Storage and Moving is Boston’s oldest moving company. Humboldt has been storing goods for over 100 years, making them local experts in storing goods properly and keeping them safe and secure.

For Climate Controlled Storage in Montgomery, contact Kathryn Fletcher, General Manager of Maxwell Mini Storage, a Self Storage Service in Montgomery, Alabama.