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Climate controlled storage for businesses�"the need, the benefits and the options

June 10, 2019

Improper storage is one of the main problems in most business setups. People who are into businesses which involve perishable goods like food items, perishable raw materials, and pharmaceutical goods, etc., which have a very definitive shelf life, find it hard to store their goods in proper conditions. In these cases, temperature controlled storage spaces provide much-needed relief. Temperature controlled storage spaces allows the user to keep their goods at an optimum temperature and monitored environment so that they can increase the shelf life of their products for future use. Almost all climate controlled storage units come with facilities that help one control the internal temperatures and humidity levels. There are various air conditioned storage units and heated storage units available in the market which can suit individual business needs.

Let us have a look at which kinds of businesses require climate controlled storage units.


Pharmaceutical business:

Pharmaceutical ventures require the use of temperature controlled storage units, in order to store their sales materials and samples. These goods require a lot of specifications when it comes to proper storage. They need the right humidity and temperature in order to increase their shelf life. Using a temperature controlled storage unit to store such goods also helps the sales representative have easy access to the materials whenever needed. It saves the time and hassles of procuring the goods in repetition.


Edible goods business:

For people who deal with edible goods, air-conditioned storage units are a must. It will help them have a reliable space to store their inventory and have easy access to it whenever required. The air-conditioned storage units will help them keep their stock fresh and well preserved. This will help in reducing the wastage of inventory and save a lot of cost to the company.


Retail business:

Most retail businesses have an inventory storage issue in their regular operations. In this case, it is always a good idea to self-store inventory, so that one has ready stock at all times. It also helps them maintain their stock in good condition.


Real estate business:

A real estate agent always requires a lot of sales and marketing aides to carry around while making a sale. A temperature controlled storage unit can be suitable for them to store their sales materials without the fear of any damage happening to them. These could include banners, brochures, store signs, signage, and handouts, staging supplies, important forms and documents.


Construction business:

Construction businesses have a requirement of heavy duty machines from time to time. And carrying them at the back of the truck all the time can be a bit of a hassle. In this case, a climate controlled self-storage unit can be used to store the heavy machinery and other construction materials. It will help in making the operation smoother and easier. Temperature controlled storage units protect the materials and help prevent them from being spoilt by natural agents like dust, water, extra humidity, debris, etc.


Things to look for when selecting a climate controlled storage unit

In order to ensure you get the best for your business, here are some points to look for in a climate controlled storage unit.

Space - depending upon your requirement, pick a storage unit that is neither too big nor too small.  A small storage unit defeats the purpose of renting a unit if it is not sufficient for your storage needs. On the other hand, a bigger storage unit will lead to wastage of space.

Air quality - it is important for your storage unit to have good air quality in order to protect your belongings. It is one of the factors often overlooked when shopping for storage units. Good air quality ensures that your belongings are protected from the changing climate outside and saves you the time for opening the unit for clean air from time to time.

Cost - finding the cost per square foot is important because it gives an idea of how much space you need and in turn helps to prioritize your list of belongings to store. It helps you to keep a check on expenses. You can rent a climate controlled storage unit on a monthly basis or for long term needs as well.

Security - ensure that your storage unit has good quality surveillance systems to help secure the belongings and inventory that you store.

In a nutshell, it is a good idea to rent a good climate controlled storage unit, for your storage needs to help you grow your business. It not only solves your storage problems but also helps you manage your inventory in a better manner, reducing wastage.