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Climate controlled storage for students

June 10, 2019

Summer storage is an important part of a student's life. It is the time when most of them leave for their summer breaks and are burdened with the task of taking their belongings to their parents’ houses. A good climate controlled storage unit nearby can solve this problem easily. It makes moving off campus a lot easier and hassle-free. Using a storage unit ensures that the belongings are safe and in good condition when the students return from their breaks and also helps de-junk up their parents' homes temporarily.

What kinds of things to store in a temperature controlled storage unit?

For a student going on a summer break, a climate controlled storage unit is an ideal choice of space to store his or her belongings. A climate controlled storage unit can be used to store books, important academic papers, small electronic equipment like water kettles, etc., artworks, photos, craft supplies, small furnishings, sofas, clothes, beds, decor items, college projects and equipment of experiments. Amongst other items to store are musical instruments of various kinds, sports gear, and special collections.

Who can make use of climate controlled storage units?

Temperature controlled storage units are ideal for students who are studying abroad or live far away from home in college campuses. During summer months or fall season, most students go for their breaks and find it hard to store their belongings. Renting climate controlled storage units nearby helps moving back to campus easier and stress-free.


What to look for in a climate controlled storage unit?

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right kind of climate controlled storage unit. The points to remember start with the size of the unit and continue to the price of the storage units, specific requirements and so on. Here are a few things to look out for when renting a climate controlled storage unit near you.

Price: Most storage units come with a wide range of rental options. They are available on a month-to-month basis, yearly basis or for longer durations as well. One has to consider their own needs in order to decide which option to take.

Space: In order to choose the right climate controlled storage unit, it is important to determine the right size for your requirement. Depending on how many items to store and their size, one can choose from a small to medium to a large temperature controlled storage unit.

Air quality: A good temperature controlled storage unit has good air quality. It helps in having a good flow of air within the storage unit. Always check to see if the air quality is good so that it eliminates the need to open the storage unit from time to time for fresh air.

Self-drive facilities:  Most of the storage facilities have self-drive facility to eliminate the customer's dependency on a storage unit employee. This will enable the customer to store and retrieve items without having to wait for a facilitator to get the items for them.

Security: It is important to rent a temperature controlled storage unit which has a good security system in place. It not only helps secure your belongings but also protects them from any unfortunate accidents like fire or short circuit.

Location: The location of your rented climate controlled storage unit makes a lot of difference in your budget. It is advisable to rent a facility near one's home or campus since it becomes easy for students to move back on campus after holiday seasons or through the transition from student life to work life.

In addition to the above, it is always advisable to check with the storage facility what items are not permissible within the storage unit. A facility may have its rules and regulations which one needs to be aware of. Items which are combustible in nature are usually not allowed inside a storage unit. Knowing these from beforehand helps to make separate arrangements for such items.

Having a climate controlled storage unit as a student takes away a significant amount of pressure from one's life. It is a good idea to keep in mind the above points while renting a storage facility as a student for a better experience.