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College Student Storage & Moving

May 19, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage has College Storage in Montgomery, Alabama. We will help you save money AND cope with empty nests.

Space That Can’t Be Filled

Is your son or daughter about to graduate from high school?

Are they headed off to College? Auburn? Alabama State? Crimson Tide Country? Troy University?

This is a BIG transition for every family. At first, you may experience feelings of sadness and loss about the change and how much your daily life will be affected.

You return to a house that feels MUCH emptier than it did before, and you may even walk into their former room a few times over the next couple of months for memory’s sake.

If it’s your last child, some parents develop a full-blown case of Empty Nest Syndrome, a common phenomenon.

Empty Nest = Extra Space

Then something exciting happens!

You realize that your little girl or boy is all grown up and that means a lot of new freedom for you as a parent. And that includes changes for your house!

One less person living in the house translates into extra space for the rest of the family. That extra room is ready for a makeover, just waiting for someone to convert it to their “dream space”.

  • Have you ever wanted a relaxation room?
  • A craft room?
  • An exercise room?
  • Dare we ask, maybe even a Man Cave?!?

Now you have the extra space to make it happen!

Transitional Storage

But before transforming the room, think ahead to future summer breaks and those long Christmas holidays.

Will your new college student be returning home for those periods? If so, you may want to consider a dual space with a futon or pull-out couch so they can have somewhere to sleep when they are home, but you will have the extra space to use when they’re away.

So what about all that stuff your child left behind?

  • Seasonal clothes
  • Old DVDs
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Trophies
  • and more

These are probably items he or she wants to keep – and it’s common to expect Mom & Dad to store them until they finish college and get their own place.

But why should YOUR square footage be used as a Self Storage Facility?

Self Storage is UN-“self”-ish

Renting a Self Storage Unit frees up your space at home, and keeps your child’s treasured items safe until they need them.

During the summer, if they have to move their stuff out of the dorm, sorority room, or fraternity house, you can store the majority of it in the same storage unit.

Your home and heart may be a little emptier with your new graduate on their own, so try to look at the bright side and distract yourself by planning your dream space in your new room!

Maxwell Mini Storage offers Student Discounts that will help you save money while making the most of your empty nest.