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How To Assemble A Storage Box

September 12, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage sells Storage & Moving Boxes in Montgomery, Alabama. ¹

We’re conveniently located next to Maxwell Air Force Base, AL (MXF) and near the Downtown Montgomery business district.

Moving & Boxes

For nearly any type of Moving and Storage project, Storage Boxes, also called Moving Boxes, are usually a necessity.

When you’re finished with your move and your boxes, someone always seems to find a way to have a little fun. But first, someone else must assemble the boxes!

If purchased new, most Storage Boxes are “flat-packed”, meaning they are supplied in separate pieces, packed into a flat box, and left for the buyer to assemble.

Box packaging and assembly varies by Box Manufacturer.

Don’t Get “Boxed-in”!

Storage Boxes can seem difficult to assemble if you haven’t done it before.

And if you’re not good with detailed diagrams, it might feel like you’re wrestling with an over-sized, cardboard Rubik’s Cube

Sometimes the assembly instructions are on the side of the box – not good a thing if it’s your only box!

Watch this short 3-minute video and learn how to assemble a Moving Box correctly and without any hassle.

Video courtesy of Office Mojo 

Begin Transcript

Hi, I’m Stewart and I’m here to show you how to assemble a Storage Box.

Now there are many different types of Storage Boxes on the market – branded ones and unbranded ones – and this is an example of an unbranded one.

These Storage Boxes usually come in boxes of 10 and this is what they look like. They always come flat-packed and therefore, they don’t take up that much space. And also the box is not at all that heavy.

Now, let me show you how to put these boxes together.

The first thing I want to point out to you, is that this is quite a nice one, because it’s white. It gives you a lot of space here for writing on it, and on all 4 sides of the box which is useful. Because when you come to look at the box and if you’ve written on a white background it makes the writing a lot easier to see.

One of the things you might want to consider at this point is to actually write on it now when it’s flat-packed, because it’s a lot easier now than when it’s on the floor and it’s got a lot of rubbish in it and it’s quite heavy. It means you have to bend down… it’s just a thought.

The first thing you want to notice are these little perforation marks that occur on both sides. You just want to open those up like this.

The next thing you want to do is open the box very gently like that and as you can see it’s already beginning to take it’s shape and form.

Now, the first thing you do, you see this little loopy thing here, it’s a finger hole. You grab hold of that and pull it back through and up to the very top like that. That’s actually eventually going to go back down.

You then take the 2 sides of the box and you fold them in and then you fold that inside and up through the box cavity like that. And then you take these open, handle sides and reinforce this front here.

And now we’ve got the box.

The final thing to do is take this first lip we moved originally and push it down.

Now, these boxes do have a diagram showing how it should be done on the bottom of the box, but sometimes it’s a little bit easier seeing it being done.

There’s the box.

It’s got a double-wall around the side and a double-wall on the bottom, so it’s quite strong.

The next thing and the final thing you need to do is we need to make a lid. This is the lid.

Again, it’s got this kind of perforation mark on the sides. So, the first thing we do is just separate the perforations and fold them into the middle like this. All this cardboard is slightly scored, so it’s all very easy to fold over and takes really just a little bit of time.

Now folding the lid over, there’s one. And fold those to the middle and over, and over, and there’s the second one.

And there’s my box!

Now, I hope that was easy to follow.

And if you want information on this product, or any other product, please just go to the website – www.cheapstationery.com.

End Transcript

Linguistic Box Humor

We’ll begin with box, and the plural is boxes;
But the plural of ox should be oxen, not oxes…

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¹ Boxes sold by Maxwell Mini Storage may be different from those shown in video. Call ahead and ask about availability and assembly details.

² Office Mojo is an office supply business located in Harrow North London.