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How to Drive a Moving Truck

August 23, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage rents Moving Trucks in Montgomery, Alabama.

We are also a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer, providing U-Haul Moving Trucks in the Montgomery River Region. We’re located near Maxwell AFB and Interstates I-65 and I-85.

Watch this short video and learn 10 Simple Steps that will make renting and driving your next Moving Truck a success, leading to a safer and less stressful DIY Moving and Storage experience.

10 Simple Steps

Video courtesy of MyMove.com, a resource for stress-free moving. Duration: 3:21


“Don’t stress if it’s your job to move this behemoth on moving day.

We have 10 simple tips to help you pull off a successful move using a Rented Moving Truck.

1) Truck Inspection

When you pick up your moving truck, an associate will probably ask you to sign a document confirming the truck’s condition.

Look over the truck before signing and make a note of any dents or scratches.

2) Adjust Mirrors

First thing you’ll need to do is adjust your mirrors.

You won’t have a car standard rearview mirror, so you’ll have to rely solely on your side mirrors. Take the time to adjust them to your line of sight. Also try to get a sense of where your new blind spots are before hitting the road.

3) Back Up Cautiously

While backing up have someone outside the truck guide you.

Always keep him or her in your mirror or line of sight.

4) Height Limits

Keep in mind, you’re driving a vehicle much larger than the family sedan.

The new height and weight may take some getting used to. Bridges, overpasses, parking garages and other structures will have height limits posted. Watch for those and remember your truck’s height.

5) Brake Sooner

Brake sooner than you’re used to – the heavier and longer the vehicle the more distant and time it takes to come to a complete stop.

Moving Tip: Avoid slamming on the brakes. That may jostle your belongings and cause serious damage.

6) Turning

The length and width of your truck will make turning a challenge.

Allow a large turning area and flip on those turn signals early. Beware of cars in your right rear blind spot. I’m sure you’ve seen signs on the back of trucks cautioning you that this vehicle makes wide right turns.

7) Maintain Safe Speeds

Drive under the speed limit.

Driving at high speeds in a truck is more dangerous than doing so in a car. Beware of signs posted for trucks to obey lower speed limits.

8) Emergency Brake

Be sure to use the emergency brake every time you park.

9) Rental Truck Insurance

It’s a good idea to get rental truck insurance, either from the rental company or your auto insurance broker.

Make sure you are covered for theft, damage, to the truck and your belongings, and liability.

Moving Tip: Some credit card companies will have certain built-in coverages to protect you.

10) Be Prepared on Move Day

Gather important moving truck documents and put them in the glove compartment.

These documents include:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Parking permit
  • Address of where to return the truck
  • Emergency contact info
  • Don’t forget your driver’s license

Returning Your Truck

When you return the truck to the rental facility, an associate will inspect it for damage.

Make sure you return any blankets or padding that came with the truck.

Moving Tip: Fold any blankets to avoid possible fees.

Use these 10 Simple Tips and you won’t have any trouble driving a moving truck and returning it in perfect condition.” End Transcript

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