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How to Save the Residual Value of Your Rv Using a Storage Unit

February 24, 2019

Investing in an RV is a big decision. For campers and travelers, purchasing an RV can make your adventures more fun and economical. However, it’s very important to know how to store and maintain your RV. This way, you will maintain the residual value.


In this post we will describe some of the important things you need to know about using RV storage facilities. Read on, your RV will thank you!


Reasons for Using RV Storage


You’ve probably noticed that your RV is quite large. Most people don’t have the space in their garage or driveway to store their new RV unit. This is why it is important to find the proper RV storage facilities.


Did you know that RV units can be the victims of vandalism and theft? Leaving your vehicle outside, unprotected can invite criminals to take advantage. Using RV storage can lessen this threat. Many facilities have multiple security features in place to keep your RV safe.


Here in Montgomery AL, we are the experts in taking care of your unit. We understand the local climate, the market for trailers, motorhomes and campers and most importantly, we understand your needs when it comes to finding the best facility.


Understanding Unit Size with your RV


When looking for RV storage in Montgomery, AL, it’s important to take multiple factors into consideration. One of these is the size of your RV.


RVs are grouped into three different classes: A, B and C. If your RV is in class A, you’ll need a large storage unit or parking spot. You’ll need special RV storage facilities that are meant for this specific purpose. Class B RVs don’t require as much space. These RVs are typically 17 to 19 feet long. Class C vehicles are also fairly long (30 feet) so you’ll need a spot specifically meant for this purpose.


Knowing the size and class of your RV will make the search for an RV storage unit nearby easier from the beginning.


Know Your Options- Types of RV Storage Units


Another thing to consider when looking for the right storage facility is the type of storage available. Are you looking for indoor, outdoor or covered parking options?


Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Indoor is often the safest option, to protect your RV from all of the elements, but also the most expensive in many cases.


Covered outdoor facilities are often less expensive while still providing protection from rain, hail and more. Outdoor facilities in a parking lot provide less protection but still keep your RV safe and protected while not in use.


How to Choose The Best RV Storage Near Me


We know that you want to do everything to protect your RV trailer so it will be ready to go whenever you want it! Choosing the right facility is an important choice so it's best to leave your RV with the experts in Montgomery AL.


Here at Maxwell Mini Storage, we will do everything possible to make your experience as pleasant and affordable as possible. You have enough to take care of and worry about when maintaining your RV vehicle, leave the storage to us. We’ll take good care of your RV and keep it safe as well.


Storing your RV unit correctly will help to save its residual value for years to come. Have more questions? Feel free to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Happy camping!