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Located next to Maxwell AFB

Mini Storage for Home and Office

September 28, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage is a Mini-Self Storage Facility in Montgomery, Alabama. We are conveniently located next to Maxwell Air Force Base and Downtown Montgomery.

Mini Storage Solutions

Montgomery, Alabama

Mini Storage has quickly become a practical and affordable off-site storage solution for the home and office.

Mini Storage Facilities are convenient, cost-effective and flexible, enabling you to:

  • Store important personal documents
  • Store and manage physical records (paper) from your office
  • Unclutter and regain precious home space
  • Temporarily store household goods during a relocation, or
  • Manage excess office inventory off-site

Today, more and more business owners and families are making use of Public Storage Buildings to help manage their possessions and free up the space they occupy.

Maxwell Mini Storage provides Self Storage Units for all types of items and customers.

For example, Self Storage Facilities are being used to store personal items. It is a convenient way to store personal paperwork, extra bedroom sets, bicycles and college student dorm furniture.

Mini Storage helps provide additional, much needed home space for other activities. Also, because it is a Self-Service Storage Unit, customers have access to it every day, between the hours of 7:00am – 7:00pm.

Simply load up your vehicle, drive over to your storage unit and arrange your valuables any way you desire. Your home’s closets and garage will seem larger than ever!

Office Storage

Businesses are also making use of Mini Storage Facilities for many of their self storage needs, including:

  • The expansion of their physical records management space
  • Unused office desks and chairs
  • Computers and monitors
  • Seasonal marketing materials

DIY Moving and Storage eliminates the expense of hiring a moving company to retrieve and store items for your business. Many business owners no longer need to rent additional, expensive office space to accommodate items that can easily be place in a Mini Storage Building Facility.

The cost savings of storing office items off-site at a Storage Facility is extremely attractive to all business owners.

Mini Storage Options

Not only can Maxwell Mini Storage accommodate items of nearly any type and size, we are also conveniently located approximately 1.5 miles from the Interstate I-65 / I-85 interchange, a quick 5-minute drive.

Maxwell Mini Storage has storage units that are available 7 days a week, twelve hours each day. This means you have plenty of time to access your storage space at your convenience.

In addition to convenient and easy access, our Storage Facility provides state-of-the-art security measures to protect all your belongings. Related to security, we also offer protection for your more delicate possessions with optional Climate Controlled Units.

Mini Storage Prices

Price is a big factor when it comes to leasing a Self Storage Unit.

Maxwell Mini Storage offers free reservations, reasonable admin fees and accommodating monthly payments. Monthly fees depend on the size and optional features of your chosen storage unit.

Rental agreements for our storage units can normally be terminated with very little notice. Also, because we are a Self-service Storage Facility all of the items and goods will be stored and removed by you. You will even provide your own lock and key to help put your mind at ease.

Also, we offer Storage Insurance if you need extra coverage.

It’s Time to Unclutter

  • Are you thinking of buying a larger house?
  • Is your business considering leasing more office space because of all of your space-hogging file cabinets and NOT because of revenue-producing staff?

This is where Maxwell Mini Storage can save you money AND still allow you to retain your items.

Our Mini Storage Facility is an ideal alternative for your storage requirements. We are increasingly meeting the needs of customers throughout the Montgomery River Region.

Mini Self Storage is a viable solution for home and office use, providing the flexibility of drive-up access at times convenient for all of our customers, both personal and business.

We offer a large selection of different sized storage units, optional climate controlled spaces and even outdoor vehicle storage.

Most of all, there is the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your valuable possessions and other assets are stored in a secure environment.

Contact Kathryn Fletcher, General Manager at Maxwell Mini Storage, for a free tour of our facilities or for additional details about any of our Storage Solutions.

Maxwell Mini Storage is a Mini Self-Storage Facility and DIY Moving Service in Montgomery, Alabama.

We provide top-quality mini storage amenities, including 24-hour video surveillance, clean facilities and the added benefits of a dedicated, on-site management team.

Maxwell Mini Storage has been providing Mini Storage Services in the Montgomery River Region since the year 2000. We are especially proud to serve the Airmen at The Air University at Maxwell AFB, AL (MXF).