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Packing and Moving Your Kitchen

October 13, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage sells Moving Boxes in Montgomery, Alabama – ideal for Packing and DIY Moving household goods from your kitchen.

We’re located next to Maxwell AFB, AL (MXF) and near Downtown Montgomery.

Watch the video (or read the transcript) and learn how to properly pack your kitchenware in preparation for your next big move.

In this video, learn how to:

  • Prepare your work area for packing
  • Properly wrap breakable kitchen items with paper
  • Use paper to cushion items in the box
  • Stack and position kitchen items in your moving box to minimize breakage

Video courtesy of Amazing Moves Moving & Storage ¹ (Duration: 3:55)

Packing and Moving Your Kitchen – Moving Tips

Begin transcript

“Hi! I’m Marshall Aikman with Amazing Moves Moving & Storage.

Welcome to our featured series on packing and moving. Today we’re going to cover some tips for packing the kitchen that will help ensure a safe and easy move for you and your family.

The kitchen is usually the most intimidating room to pack, so we’re going to give you some helpful hints to make the process go a little easier.

Start by setting up a proper workstation with paper and boxes. Make sure your boxes are at waist-height to eliminate constant bending over.

When packing dishes, you want to start by doing a bumper of paper on the bottom of the box.

The first thing you want to do is take a sheet of paper, crumple it altogether, roll it into a second sheet, and then a third. Place the bumper of paper in the bottom of the box, continue to make bumpers of paper until the bottom of the box is completely covered.

The first thing we want to start with is plates.

Take one of your plates, set it on your sheet of paper, fold another sheet of paper over, place another plate on top. Repeat this two more times, you want to have a stack of four plates. Roll paper around the plates and fold them together.

You always want to make sure that you stack your plates vertical in the box, it’s safer that way.

The next thing we’re going to wrap is bowls. Take one of your bowls, set it in the center of the paper, place a sheet over the top, and the second bowl inside it. Another sheet of paper to cover, and roll together.

Bowls also want to be on their sides inside the box.

The next item we want to put in the box is glasses. Take a glass, again, roll it in the paper, and stand the glass up in the box. You always want to make sure your glasses are standing straight up and down inside the box.

If you have a cup with a handle, make sure you allow for enough paper to protect the handle. Once you fill the next layer with glasses and cups, make another bumper of paper to go on top of that level.

Utensils can be wrapped together to help keep them uniform in the box. Take a few utensils and roll them in a sheet of paper. Place the utensils on the top of the box and build them up until the box is completely full.

Use a second box for pots and pans as well as Tupperware and other utensils. Make sure you wrap your pots in paper, as well as your dishes. You want to wrap the lids separately, so they’re also protected.

Other long utensils such as spoons and spatulas can be bundled together and placed in the box.

A smaller box should be used for food and pantry items. Paper items and canned goods don’t need to be wrapped in the white paper.

Check out our one-month-before video for tips on what you should be doing one month before you move.”

End transcript

¹ Amazing Moves Moving & Storage provides professional packing services in Denver, Colorado for all types of moves. As a full service moving company, they will pack your items carefully and professionally, provide you a full inventory list, and unpack them at your destination.

For DIY Storage in Montgomery, Alabama, contact Maxwell Mini Storage and discover all the ways we can assist you.