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The benefits of Storage facilities (storage places) for business

July 30, 2019

Why businesses are looking out for storage units instead of in-house units

Business owners have to deal with the hassle of storing raw materials and intermediary goods that are essential to their businesses. Most of the times, finding the right storage solution becomes an issue. The ones that are there in the market are either too expensive or lack proper facilities that can aid a business owner in keeping his stock in good condition. Additionally, finding a “climate controlled storage near me” is not as easy as it sounds.

In most cases, when there is a gap between the storage needs of a business and the supply of adequate storage facilities, it creates a vicious cycle between the two. A business owner ends up paying a much higher price for his storage needs, to keep his goods safe so that he can minimize losses, while the few good storage facilities that have moderately good features and offerings, end up charging a huge fee which in turn increases the operating costs for local business owners.

Who all can use a storage facility for their goods?

To make it simpler, let us have a look at who all can use storage facilities for their businesses.

Pharmaceuticals: People who are in the business of pharmaceuticals can make very good use of climate controlled storage units or temperature-controlled storage facilities to store their goods. These types of storage facilities provide the ideal kind of storage conditions that are required for storing pharmaceutical goods for the long term. Use of storage facilities in this kind of business set up will help in reducing losses due to damage of goods. Air conditioned storage works best in this case.

Construction: Construction businesses often have storage needs for raw materials, intermediary goods, and pieces of equipment. Since most of the materials and machinery are heavy-duty, it is almost impossible to find the right indoor storage units for them. Renting a storage facility can significantly reduce the chances of wastage of such materials, thus help in bringing down operating costs of the business.

Retail and e-commerce: Retail and e-commerce business formats often need to store huge amounts of ready stock for a smooth operation. They also need to move these huge stocks from time to time to keep up with their supply needs. This practice requires storage facilities with easy access and climate-controlled features. Renting such a storage unit will help in keeping a good turnaround time and reduce costs significantly for the business.

Restaurants: Restaurants and caterers have to store cookware and fresh raw materials during their busy schedule. This calls for specializes climate-controlled storage facilities which can make it easier to maintain good in and outflow of materials when required. A climate-controlled storage unit (in some cases an air conditioned storage unit and in others, a heated storage unit) is ideal for these business formats because they can be controlled to have the right temperature and humidity levels.

Contract Painters: Contract painters may need to store their paints and brushes during their offseason. Since the materials used by then are messy and perishable in nature, it is safe to store these somewhere else other than their homes or offices. During off-seasons or breaks, these can be stored in regular or temperature-controlled storage facilities to increase their shelf life. This will eliminate wastage of materials thus bringing down business losses.

Key points to remember when renting a storage unit

Let us have a look at some key points that a business owner needs to remember when renting a storage facility.

Be uncompromising on your requirements: You need to define your requirement before renting a storage facility. Make a list of goods that needs to be stored, determine the duration for which you need to rent the storage facility, set a budget that you can assign for your storage needs. This will help you in understanding exactly what kind of storage facility is the best suitable for you.

Have ease-of-access: Assess the type of storage needs you have. If you are into a business that needs frequent withdrawal of stock, then look for self-drive storage facilities that allow you access with minimal intervention.

Space matters: The bigger or smaller the space of the storage unit is will determine what all you can store in it and the cost of renting such a storage facility. Pick a storage unit that allows you to make optimum use of the available space.

To summarize, always do thorough research before renting out a storage facility to suit your business storage needs. It will help in reducing operating costs and maximize profit margins better. Choosing the right kind of storage facility will also increase efficiency and bring more flexibility in your business operations.