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U-Haul, Uhaul, U Haul- How do You-all spell it?

August 23, 2015


“How do you spell ‘U-Haul‘?”

We were meeting with our marketing guy to discuss online advertising strategies and nearby U-Haul Locations when the following question arose:

“How do you spell the ‘U‘ word?”

Mainly, the debate was whether or not it was always hyphenated. We took a quick, unofficial vote.

“Those in favor of the hyphenated U-Haul, say aye. Those opposed, say no.”

Out of our group of five, here is the final tally for the correct spelling of “U-Haul”:

  • U-Haul (2 votes)
  • UHaul (2 votes)
  • U Haul (1 vote – someone always has to be different)


According to U-Haul, International

Of course, we looked it up on U-Haul’s official website:


When you visit their site, it still takes a little poking around to be sure, but we looked in the footer area and found this statement:

“This website is owned and operated by Web Team Associates, Inc. Copyright © 2015 U-Haul International, Inc. All rights reserved. U-Haul International, Inc.’s trademarks and copyrights are used under license by Web Team Associates, Inc.”

So, it looks like the “hyphens” have it!


Not So Fast, Y’all

Y’all, it’s a Southern thing… not an alternate spelling. :-)

Did you notice there is NO hyphen in the URL (web address)?

Haul Rental in Montgomery, AL 36108

Well, we decided to put “U-Haul” (or “Uhaul”) to the test. What if a potential website visitor typed the domain name incorrectly?

How would our potential customers find U-Haul in Montgomery, AL?

No Problem!

U-Haul, International has that covered. You can reach their website several ways, including the following URLs:

http://www.u-haul.com/ (hyphen included)

http://www.uhual.com/ (common misspelling)

http://www.uhall.com/ (another common misspelling)

http://www.uhal.com/ (and another!)

You can verify for yourself, just click each link above and watch the magic.

Aren’t those U-Haul executives SMART? They must have a lot of money. :-)

UHale.com! No Way!

Our marketing guy (who doesn’t have a lot of money) decided to do a little extra research.

He checked with Google (they have a free tool that lists the different spellings people use to search for stuff online).

He came up with several variations for “U-Haul” related searches:

  • u-haul
  • uhaul
  • uhal
  • uhual
  • uhau
  • uhall
  • uhaual
  • uhul
  • uhauls
  • youhaul
  • uhale
  • hual

We decided to put them (U-Haul) to the test again.

  • We typed each one of the above spelling variations in the web address bar…
  • Added “.com”…
  • and tapped “Enter”…

(We also tried out “www.Yall.com” – as we said, we’re from the South. As in, “Y’all need a U-Haul?“) :-)

And guess what? MANY of them take you directly to the U-Haul website!

But a few of them didn’t, and a few are available for sale. Better buy them BEFORE U-Haul does!


We ask again…

How do YOU-all spell U-Haul???

How do you pronounce U-Haul”?

We won’t waste any more of your time. Just watch the video.


Kathryn Fletcher is our General Manager and Chief Relocation Specialist (We thought she deserved a promotion, even if in title only). :-)

Contact Kathryn if you have any questions about our U-Haul Services.

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