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Located next to Maxwell AFB

One-Way Truck Rental


Maxwell Mini Storage provides One Way Truck Rentals in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re located near Maxwell AFB and Interstates I-65 and I-85 so you can be on your way and never look back!

One-Way Moving

Are you planning a move to another state?

Are you planning on moving to another city and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of bringing your rental truck back?

Luckily for you we have the perfect solution: one way moving rental!

Whether you need a one way pickup rental, a one way cargo moving van, or something larger, we provide you the flexibility of picking up your vehicle in your current city and returning it to a conveniently located drop-off point near your new home city.


Save Time & Money

Our one-way moving truck program allows you to remove from your “to-do” list the tedious task of driving back to Montgomery to return your rental only to turn around and drive back to your new home city.

We save you a trip, some time, and a great deal of gas money.

If you’re not sure whether one-way truck rental is available to you due to your destination city, rest assured that we have return facilities conveniently located near most major cities.

If you’re still not sure whether this will work for you please feel free to contact us and inquire as to the closest return facility near your target destination.

Convenience & Flexibility

Don’t be concerned that our return facility may not accept the particular vehicle you are renting; our network of truck rental businesses provides you with the flexibility of returning any vehicle you have rented to any of our locations with a minimum of time and trouble.

We know that when you arrive at your new destination you are going to be busy getting on with your life and we want to help you do so with the least amount of time and effort on your part.

Our convenient one-way truck rental program helps ensure that you can quickly and easily get on with living your busy life once you arrive at your destination.

As always, feel free to contact Maxwell Mini Storage with any questions or concerns you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!