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Located next to Maxwell AFB

Pickup Truck Rental


Maxwell Mini Storage leases Pickup Trucks in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re located near The Air University at Maxwell AFB, Downtown Montgomery and Interstate Highways 65 & 85.

Looking For a Pick-Me-Up?

Our Pick-up Truck Rentals will make you feel MUCH better about your next move!

  • Did you just purchase a large appliance and you don’t want to pay a delivery fee?
  • Are you in the middle of a home improvement project and need to move lumber or other materials?
  • Or perhaps you are moving and need a way to relocate your couch, mattress, and other large pieces of furniture?

A Pickup Truck may be just the thing you need!

For less than the price of having an appliance delivered you can rent a pickup truck and move the item yourself! With a wide bed to fit almost anything you could imagine, our pickup trucks for rent are the perfect solution to your needs.


Pickups Are More Versatile

Pickup trucks are often easier to load than a moving truck or cargo van due to the wide-open structure of the truck bed.

At the same time a pick up rental will handle more like the vehicle that you are used to driving on a daily basis, giving you one less thing to worry about when you are making your move.

Our pickup trucks have plenty of places for you to tie a rope, bungee cords, or straps to in order to secure your cargo and ensure its safe arrival at your destination.

With better gas mileage than a full-sized moving truck a pickup truck rental makes financial sense, too.

Small Trucks for Big Jobs

If you are moving and only have a small amount of things to move a pickup truck may be a better fit for you than a larger truck.

You can fit a surprising amount of things in the bed of the truck, yet you will not feel like you have a large amount of “wasted space” if you are unable to fill the entire bed.

Contact Maxwell Mini Storage with any questions you may have about pickup trucks for rent. And remember, we’ve been providing Self Storage Units in Montgomery, Alabama since the year 2000!

We have significant experience in the moving field and would be happy to lend you our expertise in selecting the Truck Rental to fit your needs!