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Located next to Maxwell AFB

RV Storage Montgomery, Alabama


Maxwell Mini Storage rents RV Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re located near Maxwell AFB and Interstate Highways I-65 & I-85, providing quick and easy access to several Alabama State Parks.

RV Storage Space

Everyone loves their Recreational Vehicle!

But when parked at home, they take up a LOT of space for LONG periods of time.

  • Are your neighbors complaining?

  • Are you in violation of any city ordinances?

  • Is it time to consider Self Storage Space for your RV?


Maxwell Mini Storage has Indoor Storage Units and Outdoor Storage Solutions for your Recreational Vehicles. ¹


What is a Recreational Vehicle?

RVs are typically used for temporary, mobile dwelling and equipped with living space and amenities normally found in a home.

Recreational Vehicle, or RV, is a blanket term used mainly in North America and includes motorized vehicles AND trailers.

Your RV Storage options consist of either an Enclosed Storage Unit or Outdoor Storage parking space, and depend on the size and configuration of your RV.

Types of RV Storage Space

  • Camper Storage

  • Motorhome Storage

  • Camper Shell Storage

  • Truck Camper Storage

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Storage

  • Camper Trailer Storage

  • Camper Van Storage

  • Motor Coach Storage

  • Travel Trailer Storage


Campervan & Camper Storage

We have solutions for Camper Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

Also referred to as Camper Vans, these RVs vary in height. A “Fixed roof” or “Low profile” campervan can often be parked in one of our enclosed storage units. (requires 10′ x 20′ unit or larger) “Overcab” and “High top” roof systems typically require outdoor storage space.

Travel Trailer Storage

Maxwell Mini Storage has Travel Trailer Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

Also known as a Caravan, Travel Trailers are towed behind a motor vehicle and vary greatly in size.

Indoor RV Storage is ideal for smaller travel trailers, such as a “teardrop trailer”, or low-profile trailer. (requires 10′ x 15′ unit or larger)

Larger Travel Trailers can be comfortably parked in our Outdoor Storage area.

Motorhome Storage

We have Motorhome Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

Also known as a Motor Coach, these vehicles typically represent the largest of the Recreational Vehicles and provide sleeping accommodations for between 2 and 8 people.

Maxwell Mini Storage’s Outdoor Storage Space is ideal for your Motor Home and our drive-thru access makes parking and retrieval a breeze!


Camper Shell Storage

Maxwell Mini Storage has Camper Shell Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

Camper Shells are mounted atop a pickup truck’s rear bed. They usually cover the entire bed of the truck and are often used for camping purposes.

Our enclosed storage units are ideal for most your Camper Shell Storage needs, either mounted or unmounted. (requires 10′ x 10′ unit or larger) 

Truck Camper Storage

We have solutions for Truck Camper Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

A Truck Camper, or TC, is a recreational vehicle that can be hauled in the bed of a pickup truck. They are also known as a “slide-in” or “cab-over”. If removed from the truck, the camper unit can be stored in one of our storage units. (requires 10′ x 15′ unit or larger) Our Outdoor Storage is perfect for TC Storage when the camper is installed.


Popup Camper Storage

We have Popup Camper Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

A pop-up camper is towed behind a motorized vehicle and can be collapsed for easy storage and transport.

Our Indoor Storage Units are ideal for Popup Camper Storage. (requires 10′ x 15′ unit or larger)

Camper Trailer Storage

Maxwell Mini Storage provides Camper Trailer Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

A popular type of camper trailer is the Teardrop Trailer, or teardrop camper trailer. Named for their streamlined, teardrop profile, these Travel Trailers typically have sleeping space for two adults.

Because of their low-profile and small size, our indoor storage units are a great choice for camper trailer storage. (requires 10′ x 10′ unit or larger)

5th Wheel Storage

Maxwell Mini Storage provides Fifth Wheel Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

5th-Wheel Trailer is a type of Travel Trailer supported by a hitch in the center of the bed of a pickup truck rather than the rear of the vehicle.

5th Wheel Storage is available in our Outdoor Storage area.


We’re Ready To Roll!

Maxwell Mini Storage provides Secure Storage Space enabling you to park your RV away from your home but close enough so you’ll always have quick and easy access and retrieval. Our RV Storage Facility is accessible 7 days a week (daily from 7am – 7pm) via our secure, electronic keypad entry system.

Our optional Climate Controlled Storage will keep your Recreational Vehicles protected from the elements until you’re ready for your next big adventure!

We’re only 1.5 miles from the I-65 & I-85 interchange and ready to roll! Contact Maxwell Mini Storage for RV Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.