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Storage Tips: Storing in Montgomery

Climate Controlled Storage for Business Professionals

Business owners and professionals always have the requirement of storing various kinds of items and goods that are useful to their enterprise. The goods to be stored may include items like raw materials, seller aids, marketing materials, finished goods, office supplies, equipment, intermediary goods and many more. 

For any business owner, keeping their goods and belongings safe is very important. This is when one can reap the benefits of climate controlled storage units or facilities. 


What is a climate controlled storage unit?


A climate controlled storage unit is a storage facility which is specially designed to control the internal climate of the unit. This means that such units control not only the temperature but also other factors like humidity, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. These facilities come with high-quality HVAC systems to maintain the internal climate.


The difference between 'climate controlled storage unit' and 'temperature controlled storage unit'


When it comes to choosing between a climate controlled storage unit and a temperature controlled storage unit, it is important to know the basic difference in them. Most people confuse one with the other, but there is a significant difference. While temperature controlled storage units only maintain a steady temperature, a climate controlled storage unit facility will manage both temperature and humidity of the place. It helps to maintain the condition of goods better. 


What temperature are climate controlled storage units?


Most climate controlled storage unit facilities maintain their internal temperature between the ranges of 55 to 80-degree Fahrenheit. This range helps maintain most kinds of goods, like documents, wooden goods, artworks, delicate fabrics, metals, electronics, construction materials, marketing materials, etc. Special items like wine, pharmaceuticals need a much lower range of temperature for maintenance. 


Below are some of the benefits of climate controlled storage units for business owners.


Protection of goods from temperature fluctuations: Most business owners find it difficult to maintain their goods during the change of seasons. The fluctuations in temperature and other climatic factors like humidity, air flow, etc., can cause serious damage to the goods. Climate controlled storage units can be used to protect one's goods from these fluctuations in temperature and other climatic fluctuations.


Protection from dust and debris: Using a climate controlled storage unit or climate control mini storage unit, can prove to be very useful in protecting the goods stored by business professionals and owners. Most climate controlled storage units are constructed in buildings with sealed walls and insulated roofs and floors, which provide extra protection from leaks and floods. It also helps provide protection from insects and rodents as well.


Pay a little extra cost for security: Most climate controlled storage units come at a premium price. But for business owners and professionals who want to store important belongings and goods, this extra cost to the business provides extra protection of their goods. The climate controlled storage units come with good security and surveillance systems to help secure the facility. They monitor all visitors and catalog the inflow and outflow of storage materials. This, in turn, helps to keep a tab on inventory as well.


Save a lot of space: Renting a climate controlled storage unit or climate controlled mini storage facility near one's business, one can save up on storage space at the place they operate from. They can choose to store items which they rarely use. This can help business owners or professionals de-clutter their offices and prioritize their storage needs.


Any business owner or professional should do thorough research before renting a climate controlled storage unit near them. It is a good idea to understand one's business needs and then look at options that suit them best. Every business will have different requirements which will require very specific storage solutions. One can rent a climate controlled storage unit on a monthly basis, yearly basis or for longer durations. Whatever the choice is, renting a climate controlled storage unit is always beneficial for a business.

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