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Storage Tips: Storing in Montgomery

Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage??

Let’s Decide With Confidence What The Best Option Is For You


In the market for a climate-controlled environment so your valuables and items will never get damaged? I am confident your answer is a huge yes, and this is the reason why:


Temperature Fluctuations


Likely, you already know that intense temperature changes have the ability to make objects do unusual things. Such as cold water being able to increase the volume of any object or item.  I am sure you know this phenomenon if you have ever had a soda can explode in your freezer.  Stuff almost always responds physically (shrinking or extending) if encountered by extreme heat or cold. 


Your favorite wooden chair or table’s veneer surface will undoubtedly experience cracking and splitting if held in a standard, non-climate controlled storage facility. When placing your items in a unit that does not offer climate or temperature control, you are basically gambling with your valuables. Granted, you may save a little money, but by doing so, you are weighing the risk of what may happen to your stored items. Keep your betting for the casino and stay rest assured your valuable items and furniture are preserved in the ideal climate-controlled storage unit.


Moisture & Humidity

An additional upside to climate control is that it provides the unit humidity regulation and control. Apart from fire, humidity is undoubtedly the worst element concerning all types of material.

Humidity has no preference for its destruction, attacking all substances - especially medal. Obviously this includes furniture and electronics. Demolishing everything from cell phones to cameras to computers to hard drives and memory sticks. Essentially, humidity is beyond treacherous because it destroys silently, over a prolonged stretch of time.


If you do end up deciding not to reap the benefits climate-control can provide, you will undoubtedly be faced with a mildew, rust and tarnish problem.



Moreover, climate-controlled storage does not merely provide assistance from the effects of the outdoors. Temperature controls and door seals help restrain your belongings and prevent unwanted intruders. This means first-class security features and pest and rodent prevention.

Let’s cut right to the chase - storing your items in a climate control unit gives you the peace of mind knowing everything you left will remain exactly the same way -indefinitely. 


Here at Maxwell Mini Storage, we recognize that your foremost concern is to always have your stored items preserved from weather, humidity, and theft. We assure you this will always be our main objective.  On top of that,  we promise to give you the most dependable and trustworthy service, precisely for your specific needs, whatever they may be.


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